Help Create a Better Powell River: a Day of Post-Carbon Vision Building


TTPR’s next event is our “Post Carbon Vision” day on Sunday October 24th. We’ll be spending the day, first building a picture of how Powell River could look in a post-fossil-fuel, post-CO2 world where we are less dependent on outside forces and more resilient and self-reliant, and then planning working groups, projects and activities to take that picture forward and begin to make it a reality.

You may wonder how this is any different from the many community planning and brainstorming sessions that have happened in the past. One big difference is that we will not be coming at this from a “business as usual” perspective: we’ll be addressing the coming major changes to our lives – coming whether we want them or not – and how to respond positively and proactively as a community rather than just letting them happen to us and take us by surprise.

Another difference is that we aim to leave the day with action groups formed and practical projects and activities planned, not just happy pictures with no way to get there.

While we’d love you to come for the whole day, that’s not necessary: if you can only come for the morning or the afternoon, or even just a few hours, you’ll still be welcomed to join in. There will be many different ways for you to get involved with thinking, drawing, creating, writing, listening, dreaming, talking, planning, building and more.

Post Carbon Vision day is Sunday October 24th, 10 am – 4 pm at the Cranberry Community Hall (ex Unitarian Hall), 6828 Cranberry St. Bring a bag lunch!

Detailed Schedule

Time What Details
9:15 am Setup chairs into circle, start coffee, timeline paper onto wall, info table set up.
10:00 Welcome schedule description
10:05 Round Robin Name plus one word describing Powell River now
10:20 Context-Setting Peak Oil, Climate Change, economic instability and Transition
10:45 Positive Switch Turn around the gloom and doom – potential for positive change
10:55 Group Brainstorm Positive potential of challenges – transition to something better
11:05 Guided vision Vision meditation from T4T read aloud
11:15 Break
11:30 2030 Vision activities – move from station to station as desired

  1. Intro
  2. Collage of words and images on letter size paper sheet
  3. Future news stories (written, audio, video)
  4. Future Streets (map of Joyce Ave Alberni to Westview, add desired items)
  5. Pre-printed words and phrases to stick on timeline
  6. Asset/zone mapping?
  7. Improv session – videoed?

1 pm – 1:45 Lunch Setup team rearrange tables, wall sheets etc

1:45 Intro to topics PC Flower image – topic sheets on wall
1:50 PO/CC effects – by topic How will climate change, peak oil and economic instability affect this sector? Group discussion for each sector, adding comments to wall sheet.
2:00 Future state – by topic How do we want this sector to look in 2030? Group discussion
2:15 Backcasting – by topic What has to happen between now and 2030? Group discussion
2:35 Working Groups intro What is a working group – what does it do – examples from AT WG
2:45 Working group signups Sign up for one or more working groups during break
2:47 Break
3:00 Practical Projects What can we do NOW to get things moving – Open Space – by sector
3:45 Closing Circle Report back – one word for PR in 2030.

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4:00 end Cleanup

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