Permaculture Design Workshop: “Visions of Resilience: Permaculture design and the Culture of Sustainability”


Be at the epicentre of the shakeup toward a more abundant, sustainable, and resilient Powell River!

This two-day workshop will engage your¬†heart, head, and hands in questions, strategies, and tools for creating¬†a cultural shift away from dependence on fragile global systems and¬†toward a richer, saner, and more peaceful future for our community and¬†the world.¬† Learn how the fundamentals of Permaculture design can be¬†used to create dynamic community-based actions that can make a real¬†difference in our lives and the lives of those around us — and then¬†actually DO it!

From our personal frustrations, fears, and barriers to the global challenges we all share, this workshop is your chance to participate in a pro-active and solution-minded approach to achievable social change.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a system of tools, strategies, and methodologies for designing human systems that function like natural systems.¬† Based on principles of biomimicry and systems analysis, Permaculture presents a way of understanding and taking action in the world that allows us to create a “permanent culture,” from farming to economics to education, that is sustainable indefinitely and that becomes more abundant with time.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability of a system — an ecosystem, an economic¬†system, a culture — to withstand outside shocks, stresses, and¬†upheavals, to evolve and adapt without losing its basic cohesion and form.


Friday Evening & Saturday, September 10th & 11th
Unitarian Hall, 6826 Cranberry Street

Price $99.00
Space for up to three working scholarships at $50 – contact us via the Contact Us Page to let us know if you want to do this. Requires a pre-training session, and helping lead specific activities during the weekend.
Limit of 30 participants

Use the Contact Us Page to get a registration form by email, or call (604) 483-9052

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